Lobbying & PR Services

Stiofán’s term as a Ministerial Advisor involved working within the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Department of Health and Department of the Environment. Coupled with his experience as General Secretary of a political party, Stiofán has developed an in-depth experience of PR and how to make representations to key decision makers. Stiofán is a registered Lobbyist.

2013 – Present

Initially appointed as PR Director, Stiofán was subsequently commissioned as PR Consultant to the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) in 2015. The role involves advising and representing MII interests to government and key policy makers. In addition, Stiofán co-ordinates MII media interaction, social media platforms and public awareness campaigns.

2015 – Present

As Co-coordinator of the Horticulture Industry Forum (HIF) Stiofán advises and represents HIF interests to government and key policy makers.