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Mediation Services

Stiofán career experience of running a family retail business, a political party, working in government and contributing to voluntary organisations has provided him with extensive management conflict skills. By attaining a Higher Diploma in Mediation & Conflict Resolution in UCD in 2005 and a Certificate of Competency in Work Place Mediation in 2012, Stiofan has professionalised his skills in this field. Stiofán has been providing professional mediation services for 10 years and his practice specialises in the Agriculture, Commercial, Community, Environment, Political and Workplace sectors.

2013 – Present

Recognised as a “Certified Mediator” by The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII). Also appointed as PR Director of the MII in February 2013.
Among mediations conducted by Stiofán in 2018 was a successful workplace case in a major educational institution.


Appointed as mediator by a major food company and the company’s raw material suppliers to facilitate a commercial agreement. Stiofán and a co-mediator achieved an agreement.

2007 and 2009

Stiofán chaired the Green Party’s “Reference Group” that negotiated the 2007 Programme for Government and the “Renewed Programme for Government” in 2009.