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Starting Your Own Business Tips

By September 29, 2016No Comments

If you’re thinking of starting a new business here’s a couple of pointers to get you going

  1. Write your idea down and discuss it with trusted family and friends
  2. Develop it on paper in increasingly more detail, it will eventually become your business plan
  3. Begin to trial the idea – at markets or provide the service to friends etc
  4. Sign up for a Start Your Own Business Course – even if this idea for a new business doesn’t work out, an SYOB is a good investment of your time and money and may set you up for the next time
  5. Acquaint yourself with the regulatory requirements for setting up a business
    – Registering a business name with CRO
    – Do I start as a Sole Trader or will I form a company?
    – Registering with Revenue, income tax, making tax returns, do I   register for VAT? Etc
    – If it’s a Food business you will need to register and take direction    from the FSAI