Industry Reports

Stiofán has been commissioned to research and deliver industry reports for almost 20 years. In recent years he has completed reports for the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine, the Horticulture industry and Golf Course industry.


Horticulture Industry Forum – Horticulture Industry “Vision” report. The report sets out the current state of the industry, outlines the challenges facing it and comes with 24 recommendations.


Horticulture Industry Forum – “Health Check” report for the horticulture industry. Copies of the report were presented to the Minister of Horticulture and opposition spokespersons.


Horticulture Industry Forum – Action Plan to address major issues facing the industry


Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – Report on the Development of Ireland’s Organic Industry and an Irish Organic Trade Board


Golf Course Superintendents Association – Industry Standards Survey and Report – Identified the different types and respective scales of golf courses in the 32 counties and a comprehensive analysis of human resources involved in the industry


Garden Centre Buying Group “Inside-Out” – Internationally researched Report with recommendations on the further development of the organisation


Bord Glas – “Garden Centre Sector Report” – Key facts and figures on the garden centre sector.


Garden Centre Buying Group “Inside-Out” Report containing recommendations on how the organisation could best maximise its potential throughout the island